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The Richwood Community Development Agency (RCDA) is a non profit organization established in 1988 in the community of Richwood, Louisiana. Operated completely by volunteers, its vision is to have a healthy, well-educated community that attends to its governmental affairs and advance ideals through a prosperous, collaborative effort of business, government and citizenry. Its mission—to promote the economic well-being of the citizens of the Town of Richwood and Ouachita Parish through education, jobs, health and services—has been its driving force since its inception.

In support of its vision and mission, RCDA has championed the need for healthcare by providing health screenings. It encourages the education of our youth with its annual Back to School Bash and Summer Enrichment Program.

In its effort to celebrate civic pride, RCDA has installed the “Welcome to Town of Richwood” sign as well as purchased park benches and refurbished a basketball court for the Mary F. Goins Children’s Park. It also hosts a community trash pickup program. RCDA is a frequent sponsor of school extracurricular activities and scholarships. It annually sponsors Thanksgiving meals to feed the hungry and provide for needy families, the Christmas Bike and Toy Giveaway, and Juneteenth celebrations.

Volunteers and donations are always welcome at The Richwood Community Development Agency (RCDA). Funds for this non profit organization are derived through charitable gaming activities as well as from charitable donations. Ideas for fundraising are always welcome. All donations are tax deductable.

Meet Our Team

The Richwood Community Development Program is run by groups of volunteers. The women below have gone above and beyond as senior volunteers.